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Why Fluentus?

Personalized Learning Paths

Adaptive Content

Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

Who we are

Fluentus is a revolutionary educational technology platform dedicated to empowering language learners worldwide. We offer comprehensive courses in over 40 languages, including popular choices like English, French, and Spanish. Our approach blends engaging learning methods with the power of blockchain technology. Earn real cryptocurrency rewards as you progress, and stay tuned for the launch of our own Fluentus cryptocurrency! Fluentus is your gateway to unlocking new languages and expanding your horizons – get ready for our app launch!

Check out our skills:

Interactive lessons, Gamification elements, Rewards, Progress tracking,

leaderboards, badges, and playful competition, Advanced Error Analysis and Personalization

Strong Cultural Component ( More focus on culture, traditions, and usage in specific countries would be beneficial. )

In-depth, Structured Grammar Instruction and Many More


Fluentus offers an impressive of
range of languages for you to learn




Core Learning Features

Diverse Interactive Lessons: Offer a variety of engaging activities – matching games, fill-in-the-blanks, audio-based challenges, short stories, conversational exercises with AI chatbots, and more. Tailored Learning Paths: Use AI to analyze users’ performance and adapt lessons, offering personalized routes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced speakers. Spaced Repetition & Adaptive Methodology: Incorporate proven learning techniques to reinforce vocabulary and grammar concepts. Detailed Progress Tracking Visualize progress with clear metrics, skill breakdowns, and streaks to maintain motivation. In-depth Grammar Focus: Include dedicated grammar lessons, detailed explanations, and targeted practice sections.

Engagement & Motivation

Robust Gamification: Include points, levels, badges, customizable avatars, and playful challenges. Social Competition: Offer friendly leaderboards, challenges between friends, and options for collaborative learning. Appealing Rewards System: Allow users to collect coins/rewards and redeem them for in-app perks, bonus lessons, or even donations.

Advanced Features

Intelligent Error Analysis: Utilize AI to track common mistakes, provide in-depth explanations, and offer personalized remedial practice to overcome weaknesses. Cultural Immersion: Weave in cultural insights, videos, interviews, and materials that go beyond just the mechanics of the language.

Intelligent Feedback

AI provides nuanced pronunciation correction, grammatical suggestions, and feedback on your writing, going beyond traditional right/wrong answers.

Hyper-Personalized Learning

AI will become even more sophisticated, offering lessons that feel like they were designed by a dedicated human tutor.

Micropayments & Incentivization

Blockchain can facilitate micropayments for tutoring, content creation, or completing learning modules, incentivizing contributions and rewarding engagement.

Rais Khatri

My greatest ambition is to build a powerful language learning platform that's both exceptional in quality and freely available to anyone who seeks knowledge

Mohammad Rais Khatri, CEO @ Fluentus

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